Sustainability Starts with Fiber: Mills Explain Why

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“There is a real demand for fibers, processes and new production
methods that are respectful to the environment”.

Jordi Ballús, creative director for Santanderina

As an active player of the circular economy, Ballús said it is in Santanderina’s DNA to invest in the latest technology. On top of using fibers like TENCEL® and RefibraTM, or recycled cotton from used garments, Santanderina is now involved in a global effort to help cleaning the oceans by producing recycled polyester in a fully vertical process.
“Every step taken is a clear statement to reduce our impact on the environment,” Ballús said. Through new dyeing processes, Ecolandye and Vitaldye, Santanderina has reduced water and energy consumption by 40 percent and 20 percent respectively. Ballús added, “Textil Santanderina knows there is no shortcut to a greener future, and we have been addressing this challenge over the past 10 years.”