Softshell & Laminated FR

Outdoor protection

The fabrics in the range of Softshell & Laminated FR have been specifically engineered to provide the best possible protection against rain, wind and cold, without compromising aspects like comfort and inherent FR protection in the least.

These are after all the characteristics that define our TechsNX range of fabrics.


TechsNX is a family of inherent FR fabrics that is consolidated in the international market. The exclusive NX-fibre provides a high level of abrasion resistance, and a version with incorporated weft-stretch for enhanced comfort is available, that shows great performance even after repeated laundry.


Thanks to the unique blend of fibres and the application of stretch components in some versions, a high level of comfort is guaranteed. The use of microporous laminates ensures breathability.


Softhsell and laminates certified to EN 342 and/or EN 343, the principal international standards when it comes to protection from inclement wheather.

Superior protection and comfort for outdoor works