CSR last inputs

We manufacture recycled polyester fabrics that contribute to reducing the plastic waste generated.

We have created a line of recycled polyester fabrics contributing to a cleaner sea.

We have developed an innovative project to reduce the microplastics reaching the ocean from washing.

We have committed ourselves to alternative, natural and organic raw materials to reduce the use of synthetic materials.

We optimise water management with more sustainable manufacturing processes.

We use more ecological dyeing processes to reduce water consumption.

We are progressing towards a new culture of water as an ecological and social asset.

We have improved our wastewater management With our water treatment plant, we return 85% of what we consume to watercourses.

We have reduced overall energy consumption in all our production processes.

We have our own energy cogeneration plant.

Our production process uses less chemicals and solvents to improve air quality.

We carry out continuous air audits.

We have created a line of environmentally friendly, sustainable fabrics and textile solutions.

We are moving forward to closed-circuit recycling – “End-of-life” products are used to make the next ones.

We apply an effective internal recycling process for waste fabric, yarns and garments.