Industrial laundry

Ultra resistant fabrics

Industrial laundry fabrics is a new concept of fabrics that offers best laundry performances (antimicrobial, high resistance, etc.) for healthcare, hospitality, social services, cleanrooms or restauration sector.

High durability and stability

Many textiles contain substances that support microbial growth, and textile specialties, when diluted, can produce favorable environments for microbial growth including bacteria, mold, etc. Our fabrics help prevent early spoilage, odors, deterioration and/or decay and discoloration of finished textile products.

Industrial washings

This range of fabrics ensure a longer working life, with outstanding wearer protection qualities. That means fabrics retain their smart appearance for far longer and are suitable for both domestic washing and high-temperature industrial washing.

Fabrics for clean areas

Techs high performance industrial laundry fabrics are recommended for all kind of  bed linens, microfiber products, cleaning cloths, table linens, etc. that requires high durability and higienic features.

We manufacture clean advanced fabrics for cleanrooms and higienic areas