Feel safe, wear Techs

Techs has developed a wide range of protective fabrics with technical features and multifunctional properties: flame retardant, waterproof, chemical resistant, high visibility, electric arc, etc. This range of fabrics comply with all kind of specific work safety requirements: mechanical strength, thermal resistance, durable protection, etc.

Advanced performances

Protectivewear fabrics are designed for superior protection even in the most difficult conditions. Resistance to abrasion, durability, good tensile or tear strength performance are some of the performances that Techs fabrics guarantee.

Safety and comfort

Techs manufactures a wide selection of protectivewear fabrics: from polyester/cotton fabrics, to TENCELTM/polyester blended fabrics or stretch fabrics that ensures to the worker the maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

Innovative fabrics

Techs offers innovative, bespoke solutions for all users (firefighters, forest rangers, welders, etc). Our strong commitment to research and a close collaboration with our technical fibres and chemicals suppliers make it possible to constantly develop new advanced textile solutions.

Superior protection fabrics even in the most difficult conditions