Workwear and corporate wear

Textile solutions for workwear and corporate identity

Techs has a long expertise on fabrics for workwear and corporate wear: cotton rich, cotton blends, polyester, polyester/cotton, TENCELTM, TENCELTM blends. A complete range of comfortable fabrics designed for all kind of professional  wear that offers highest levels of resistance and durability.

Wide range of fabrics

Techs offers a wide range of textile solutions that meets the demands of the widest range of garments, from heavy duty workwear to corporative applications requiring smart styling and drape. 

Comfort and durability

Workwear fabrics by Techs combines comfort and apparel to manufacture garments of the highest quality, durability, resistance and also the highest safety standards.

Inspired on daily work

We work together with laundries and other specialists (garment manufacturers, distributors, end-users, etc.) to make sure our fabrics meet all standards. Also we create bespoke designs in fabrics for specific tasks.

Enjoy comfortable and safe work with Techs fabrics