Sustainability is our priority at Techs Advanced Fabrics by Textil Santanderina. Our fabrics have been manufactured and made in Spain, using materials that are not only recycled (such as recycled polyester from plastic bottles) or that generate less environmental impact (such as organic cotton), but are also designed to facilitate their subsequent recycling.

“Weaving a Better World”

In our program we include all actions focused on getting our activity to generate a less negative impact on the environment and more positive for society.

What are our 4 main pillars?

  • TRACEABILITY: Transparency is key for us. We work hard to make all our products truly sustainable, tracking all processes from raw material acquisition to production, consumption and disposal.
  • CIRCULARITY: We reduce and make the most of the waste we generate during our manufacturing process by betting on processes such as Santanderina 360, which is committed to facilitating the recycling of all our products so that they can re-enter the value chain.
  • SMART EARTH INTEGRATION: We minimize our environmental impact by obtaining energy from more sustainable or renewable sources such as solar energy or by reducing water consumption through our recovery process.
  • SECURITY LIFECYCLE: We guarantee through the most demanding certifications in our sector that all the processes and actors involved in our value chain are environmentally friendly and with all the people involved in the chain

We’ve got it all planned

Weaving a better world

+ Innovation

+ Energy efficiency

+ Resource optimization

+ Flexibility

We are careful with what we

do to take care of what we

have around us

We listen to our

customers so we

can innovate with


We invest more to

consume less

The key objective

to reduce

our ecological footprint

The key objective


towards decarbonisation and clean energies

... and remain faithful to our

crystal-clear commitment to


“A raw material as insubstantial

as yarn can be turned into a fabric to

fight a forest fire.”

We have a plan and

you are part of it

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